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  • The FDA has recently launched an investigation in to grain-free pet foods causing a cardiac condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy or DCM. Below is more information regarding their findings:


For more information regarding grain free diets and the health problems it is causing in dogs, please visit this page:

A broken heart Risk of heart disease in boutique or grain-free diets and exotic ingredients

  • Below is a link for the top 10 myths about feeding pets a raw diet provided by the Tufts University Veterinary Nutritional Service:

Top 10 Raw Myths

  • The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has created a guide to choosing a dog food, which can be difficult with the amount of diets that are available! 

Dog Owner’s Guide to Food

Preventative care

  • Annual wellness exams are important for early disease detection as well as updating your pets vaccinations. These visits are also designed to address any specific questions or concerns you may have regarding your pets health. The American Veterinary Medical Association has put together a short video providing more information on what to expect from your pet’s wellness examination:

The Importance of Wellness Examinations

  • Heartworm and intestinal parasite control is an important and easy way to be proactive about preventing disease in our pets. Below is a link with more information about the different parasites and diseases that many medications help protect our pets from acquiring: 

Parasite Control

  • Imagine if you did not brush your teeth for days, months or years; you’d likely have a lot of dental health issues such as cavities and tooth decay, this same process occurs in our pet’s mouths. Below is more information regarding Periodontal Disease in pets and steps to take to prevent it! 

Periodontal Disease in Pets

Toothbrushing and Dental Home Care

  • Many household items can be toxic to our pets. For more information about common household intoxicants, visit the ASPCA’s website below:

Animal Poison Control Center (APCC)

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